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alterSec Who We Are

We are New Zealand-based agile advisory specialists in information security, risk and compliance, digital transformation and emerging technologies.

We have in-depth knowledge of technology, from healthcare to critial infrastructure and finance, leading digital transformation across businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia for the past 20 years.

Our customers are public or private entities and organisations of all sizes.

We use best in class solutions underpinned by privacy and security by design principles, leveraging cloud and emerging technologies, from big data analytics and AI to blockchain and IoT.

Our Team Trusted Advisors and Professionals

Faustin Roman Founder, CEO

Faustin has a rare mix of business, technical and research knowledge, from enterprise business systems to healthcare and nuclear physics research. Focusing on cybersecurity, digital transformation and innovation, Faustin founded AlterSec, Medical IT Advisors, PentestNZ, CyberShield.NZ,, CISO360.AI and is the Lead Advisor and virtual CISO of many organisations.

Originally from Romania, Faustin has a multi-disciplinary background in IT, nuclear physics and health, with published research in peer-reviewed journals. His international experience has included senior roles across the New Zealand and Australian health sectors, building an innovative cancer center in Vienna, Austria, and prototyping medical data federation across Europe as a Marie Curie fellow at CERN, Switzerland (“where the web was born”). 

Faustin Roman

Operations Team

Lorena Roman

Lorena Roman

Operations Manager
Bogdan Andrei

Bogdan Andrei

Marketing Officer
 Sami Iris

Sue McKay

Financial Officer

Our Friendly AI

Security Operations Analyst

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Adelaide, SA, Australia

PO Box 31545, Milford
Auckland, New Zealand

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