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AlterSec Innovative security solutions

AlterSec uses privacy and security by design principles to create innovative solutions and partners with technology leaders to leverage existing capabilities.

Innovative security solutions

Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform

The first open threat intelligence platform.

The platform aggregates identified cyber threats affecting organisations and shares it with the community to feed into their cyber defence.

Sharing is Caring

Collaboration and sharing threat intelligence with New Zealand health organisations is the core driver of this platform.

Cyber threat defence

Helps organisations protect against cyber threats.


The platform is for the benefit of the New Zealand health community and open to all health agencies and related IT/security providers.

Cyber immunity

Immunises against online threats such as Phishing, Malware, Botnets, and Ransomware.

Real-time alerts

Reports and alerts on threat detections and policy violations.

Cost-effective managed security

Low-cost subscription includes implementation, onboarding and support.

CyberShield DNS Firewall

CyberShield DNS Firewall protects users and devices from network threats by integrating global and local threat feeds at the DNS layer.

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT)

GoAnywhere MFT is a centralised, enterprise-level solution that simplifies, secures, and automates critical file transfers.

All-in-one MFT solution

Manage your file transfers, file sharing, secure FTP, and automation needs through a single interface.

Security & encryption

Meet compliance regulations and standards with encryption “at rest” and “in motion”.

Access anywhere

Deploy to the cloud, access via a browser, and connect with third-party web applications.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing PenTest.NZ

PenTest.NZ was provides businesses and organizations access to a suite of cyber security testing and assurance services, with cost-effectiveness being top of mind. To give you the best value, we use a commonsense approach by prioritizing critical vulnerabilities and risks, helping you to address them in the most effective way.

PenTest services can include a full Network Penetration Testing, detailed Vulnerability Assessments, Web Application Black or Gray-box PenTesting, Host and Source Code Security Review and much, much more.

All ethical hacking is done manually by certified experienced testers. Our team will identify specific risks to your business systems and data and provide proven mitigation strategies. was created to provide affordable penetration testing services for industry partners and businesses.

Private DNS Firewall Protection CyberShield

CyberShield is a managed security service utilizing a private DNS Firewall to protect all users and devices against online threats such as Phishing, Malware, Botnets, and Ransomware, leveraging global and local threat feeds at the DNS layer.

When you use CyberShield, websites that contain malware or phishing are blocked at the DNS layer. This means that no connection to the bad websites or web applications is established and users can stay safe from online threats. provides cyber immunity using a community feedback loop threat strategy and continuous improvement to detect and respond to zero-day threats and minimize false positives.

Cyber Risk Assessment and Training CyberScient

Get CyberSmart with CyberScient is our most recent initiative and  focuses on increasing cybersecurity awareness using self-assessment, training and testing. online platform provides a free Kickstarter program to help organizations and individuals learn how to protect against online threats and cyber risks.

It all started with a desire to help all businesses lift their cyber posture since SMEs are at risk more than ever before and doing nothing is no longer an option. As specialists and community members, we want to provide our customers and community cost-effective solutions to mitigate cyber security risks.

Cyber Risk Drawing Contest Platform for Kids CyberScient KIDS

CyberScient Kids platform is our pilot program to raise awareness around cyber security threats for kids and teenagers.

The CyberScient Kids acts as an awareness and drawing contest platform. In the CSKids platform, 4 to 17 years’ old can creatively express cybersecurity safety tips and catch-phrases in drawings as they see fit. 

CyberScient Kids platform’s mission is to train younger generations to discover, learn, understand and adapt to all online threats they face when they go online.